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Boyle preparing for fighter jet games, Maryland, 1990
By Ruth Fremson
Exploring Catholic section of Belfast, 1983
By Patrick Boyle

A DAREing Rescue, Youth Today
A behind-the-scenes look at how top federal officials knew that the nation's most popular youth anti-drug program didn't work, and forced it to change.

Press Pass, New York

Boy Saved From Fire Brought Back to Life, The Washington Times
Award-winning account of how rescue workers breathed life back into a boy tossed from a burning building.

It's Easy to Fool City's Drug Tests, The Washington Times
Award-winning account of how a reporter walked into a drug testing facility for convicts and successfully submitted apple juice and urine bought from a McDonald's bathroom.

Boyle in Moscow, 1991
By Barbara Ferguson The Score on Teen Virginity Pledges, Youth Today
An analysis shows when they're effective and when they're not.

Homicide Survivors Have Only Their Grief, Each Other, The Washington Times
Award-winning story showing the impact of Washington's homicide epidemic on friends and family who struggle to live on.

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