Sampling of Professional Work
Many of the more-than-a-thousand news stories I've written have not been Web-posted. I've included links to some that were, and headlines for a few dozen that weren't.

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Ashford Castle in Ireland
Ashford Castle in Ireland, where "The Quiet Man" was filmed and is still fondly remembered. See TWT travel story, below. (Photo by Chris Harvey )

American Journalism Review

"Too Skeptical? Journalists Are Still Wary of Online News," (December 2001, pps. 12-13)

"New Courses for New Media: J-schools are tapping talent from other departments and from online newsrooms to teach survival skills for today's fast-evolving media landscape. But there's still a heavy emphasis on the fundamentals." (December 2000, pps. 26-30)

"Web Ethics: Online Cheerleaders for Golf?" (December 1999, pps. 10-11)

"Jane Doe #5: A Tough Call for the Nation's Editors" (April 1999, pps. 10-12)

"Family Values: Newsrooms, notorious for their long hours and demanding schedules, are finding ways to make life more manageable for journalists with children via job-sharing, on-site day care and telecommuting. But some are more family-friendly than others." (June 1997, pps. 26-31)

"The High-Stress Police Beat: A steady diet of violent crime, fatal accidents and human tragedy takes a toll on reporters. Some think newspapers and TV stations should do more to help their staffers cope." (July/August 1995, pps. 28-33)

"Tom Wolfe's Revenge: New Journalism, once vilified by critics, is enjoying a renaissance as 'literary journalism.' " (October 1994, pps. 40-46)


I spearheaded the editorial side of the Metro section redesign in 1997, created the concept and edited much of the copy for a searchable Community section, and directed or co-directed the launch of a number of news packages, including:

  • 1998 guides to elections in Maryland, Virginia and the District; and
  • a special report on National Airport's new terminal.
In addition, I wrote the content for a number of interactive quizzes, including one on the Virginia governor's race.

Washington Post

"The Young and the Generous: Md. Children Give to Campaigns; Watchdog Groups Say Parents May Skirt Law" (Monday, November 20, 1995; Page B01-Metro front)

"Congressional Candidates Hit it Rich in Montgomery; County Residents Donated Lion's Share" (Sunday, November 19, 1995; Page B01-Metro front)

Washington Times
cows in a western Ireland field/by Chris Harvey
Cows spill from a western Ireland field into the road. Photo was included with a travel story written for The Washington Times.  (Photo by Chris Harvey)

"In the Irish 'Quiet': Tourists taken back in time by landscape as perfect as a movie setting" (June 27, 1993, E1-Travel front)

"Jackson passes for '92, hints he will be back" (Nov. 3, 1991, A1)

"House's ticket fix gets the boot" (Oct. 10, 1991, A1)

"Innocent on Hill: Gilchrest retains his rural charm" (July 4, 1991, B1-Metro front)

"Family seeks move for 40-year patient" (February 22, 1991, A1)

"District shadow delegate insolvent" (July 15, 1991, B1)

"Fauntroy's unfond farewell: 'Disinformation' campaign angers retiring delegate" (December 12, 1990, B1-Metro front)

"Racism restricted to whites--Savage" (March 30, 1990, A1)

"Jackson didn't file '89 city tax forms," with Mark Vane (September 26, 1990, B1-Metro front)

"IRS filed lien against Nortons in 1984, city tax records show" (September 11, 1990, A1)

"Gephardt stands by, ready to give him [Bush] a grade," with Frank J. Murray (March 26, 1990, A1)

"Capitol Catalyst: New mood on Hill credited to Foley" (Nov. 21, 1989, A1)

"All on Leland plane dead: 'He was a friend to everyone,' " with Valerie Richardson (Aug. 14, 1989, A1)

"Love Boat stint may come in handy" (Aug. 10, 1989, A4)

"Foley becomes 49th speaker, pledges reform" (June 7, 1989, A1)

"Dyson still swimming upstream a year after suicide of top aide" (May 1, 1989, B1-Metro front)

"Robb toes the line in first 100 days, blots out rumors" (April 20, 1989, B1-Metro front)

Sheep in a field in western Ireland/photo by Chris Harvey
Sheep in a western Ireland field (Photo by Chris Harvey)
"FBI examining Fauntroy's hiring practices" (Jan. 13, 1988, B1-Metro front)

"Owen awaits parole hearing, recalls wretched Spanish jail" (Nov. 21, 1988, A1)

"District's protest at Capitol falls short" (Oct. 13, 1988, A1)

"Blacks show no sign of following nominees to GOP" (July 5, 1988, A1)

"Pappas found threat before trip to N.Y." (May 10, 1988, B1-Metro front)

"Dyson denies knowing of unorthodox practices" (May 5, 1988, A1)

"Teen's slaying of mother, brother leaves Charles County in shock" (Feb. 12, 1988, A1)

"Hi ho! It's annual roundup time on Assateague" (July 30, 1987, B5-Metro front)

"Mom noted Miller's 'skills' early on" (Dec. 8, 1986, B1-Metro front)

"Sachs did not heed 3 early warnings about S&L crisis," with Stephanie Nall (July 18, 1986, A1)

"Pride survivor cites selfless cooperation" (May 22, 1986, A1)

"He may be different; blow-dried he's not" (April 21, 1986, A1)

"It's an election year, Hughes shows up at a party" (March 10, 1986, B5-Metro front)

"Levitts sentenced, fined for contempt" (January 9, 1986, A1)

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