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American Journalism Review in the Classroom

This guide, intended for college journalism teachers, provided resource links and classroom assignment ideas built around story topics raised in AJR. Harvey, who created the site in 2004 and wrote the tutorials, is a former managing editor of the magazine. The site went on hiatus in summer 2009.

Maryland Newsline

Harvey built this site in late 2000, launched it in early 2001 and served as its editor for 10 years, until fall 2011. Maryland Newsline was staffed by undergraduate and graduate students concentrating in multimedia journalism at the University of Maryland College of Journalism. The students served as reporters, editors and producers. The site, like its successor, CNS Md., also leveraged content from the college's TV, Washington and Annapolis news bureaus, and featured indepth special reports, along with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and blog pages. The site won numerous regional and national awards.


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