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Hoyer Calls for Compromise to Avoid Government Shutdown

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Rep. Steny Hoyer,  D-Mechanicsville, called for Republicans to compromise on the looming budget challenges during a press briefing this morning.

The House Minority Whip said he opposes short-term continuing resolutions like the one introduced by the House Appropriations Committee on Monday. He said the “episodic, sporadic funding levels” of continuing resolutions, in lieu of passing an overall 2011 budget, do not address the essential challenges of funding the government.

The continuing resolution measure would fund the government for one week. The Department of Defense would receive funding through the end of the current fiscal year on Sept. 30.

Hoyer said Congress is not going to solve the budget with non-security cuts and that all aspects of the budget, with the exception of the interest on the national debt, must be on the table in budget negotiations.

Without a continuing resolution, federal employees could face a shutdown that Hoyer calls “costly and demoralizing — not just for federal employees, but demoralizing for the nation.”

The ability to compromise is essential to the process, Hoyer said, and tea partyers who rallied on The Hill last week are unwilling to compromise.

Referring to last year’s tax cuts, he said, “In December, we made some compromises we didn’t like,” he said. “We’re prepared to compromise” on the budget issues, he said.

Hoyer said the budget is “a reflection of what people think is important.”

By Capital News Service’s Laura E. Lee

Tea Party Takes Health Care Message to Kratovil

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

BEL AIR, Md. – Protest signs went up, “Don’t Tread on Me” flags waved and car horns blasted outside Rep. Frank Kratovil’s Bel Air office Tuesday night as Maryland’s Tea Party movement rallied to press for a no vote from Kratovil on the health care bill.

About 200 people came to send a message to Kratovil, D-Stevensville, by rallying outside his Main Street office for two hours.

Tony Passaro, an organizer with the Bel Air Tea Party Patriots, said his group wants to reform the health care system, but not if it means turning it over to more government control.

“We’re just against big government doing health care reform,” Passaro said. “We’re afraid that if you leave that much money and that much power to the federal government, they’ll lose control of it.”

Kratovil, a moderate Democrat who voted against the health care bill passed by the House in November, has said he will vote no if, as expected, the House is asked to pass the Senate version of the bill.

After almost a year of public debate, House Democratic leaders are trying to round up 216 votes to pass the Senate version of the bill by this weekend, which is the most viable way to move the legislation forward after Senate Democrats lost their filibuster-proof majority with the election of Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass.

Kevin Lawlor, a Kratovil spokesman in Bel Air for the protest, said the congressman’s position hasn’t changed; he will vote no on the Senate bill, but will reserve judgment on any proposed fixes that might come later.

When asked about the proposed “Slaughter solution,” a complicated parliamentary tactic that would allow House Democrats to pass the Senate bill without a direct vote, Lawlor said Kratovil is more focused on the bill’s content.

“He’s been in favor of transparency the entire time,” Lawlor said. “In the long run, he knows he’s going to have to answer for this bill.”

–Text by Capital News Service’s Graham Moomaw, video by Maryland Newsline’s Ben Giles, with Moomaw