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Test Your Knowledge of the National Cherry Blossom Festival 

By Nicole M. Richardson
Maryland Newsline
April 12, 2002

1. Why were tourism officials expecting less students and family groups to show up for the 
National Cherry Blossom Festival?

Because the weather forecast was bad.
Because there was nowhere for them to stay.
Because the Sept. 11 attacks made them afraid to travel.
Because trees grow everywhere.

2. Why is there a National Cherry Blossom Festival every year?

To celebrate the gift of 3,000 cherry blossom trees from Japan
To salute tolerance between the people of Japan and the United States
To showcase authentic Japanese crafts, cuisine and talent
All of the above

3. What year did Tokyo give the first cherry blossom trees to the people of Washington, D.C.?


4. Where were the original cherry blossom trees planted?

Vietnam Veterans Memorial
West end of the Mall
The Tidal Basin
Lincoln Memorial 

5. Which events were part of this year's festivities?

National Raw Egg Toss
National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade
The Inaugural Washington, D.C./Maryland Naked Marathon
All of the above

6. What is the Sakura Matsuri?

A type of sushi
Another word for sake, or rice tea
A daylong street festival along 12th Street
"Cherry blossom" in Japanese

7. What professional football player led the National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade?

Washington Redskins' Darrell Green
New Orleans Saints' David Sloan
Chicago Bears' D'Wayne Bates
Carolina Panthers' Chris Weinke

8. Which first lady arranged where the gift of 3,000 trees should be planted?

First Lady Laura Bush
First Lady Helen Herron Taft
First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
First Lady Edith Roosevelt

9. How did D.C. hotels attract tourists and boost occupancy rates in 2002?

By slashing room rates
By making refrigerator snacks and miniature liquor bottles complimentary
By launching a campaign against bed bugs
By giving away free cherry blossom saplings

10. Why is the National Cherry Blossom Festival so important to the D.C. region?

The event historically brings about 700,000 people to the District.
It kicks off the start of the spring and summer tourism season.
Its advertising showcases the region's other historic, educational and scenic attractions.
All of the above.

Copyright 2002 University of Maryland College of Journalism
Photos and text by Nicole M. Richardson
Published April 12, 2002

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