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A Maryland Family Sampler

Traditional Family Still Prevails in State, But Alternatives Are Growing The majority of Marylanders are still part of traditional, nuclear families. However, alternative family types account for an increased share of children, Census data show. The vignettes below peek into the lives of some of those families.

For Multiracial Couples, It's Not a Black-and-White World Yours, Mine, Ours: It's One, Big, Happy,  Blended  Family
Seven People Doubles the Definition of Family For Single Moms, Life is Often a Balancing Act
Older Mom Faces Same Challenges as Younger Ones For Single Dad, Raising Girls Means Loving and Lots of Patience
Camren Has Two Mommies -- Like Thousands in a Growing Family Type (Story no longer available online.) For Family with Adopted Children, Holidays Mean New Beginnings

SOURCE: Census 2000, U.S. Census Bureau

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