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Many Faces, One Maryland

According to the 2000 Census:

Census Tract 3029.01 in Aberdeen closely mirrors the demographic make-up of the state. 

Census Tract 3029.01:

Almost half of the state's Asian population lives in Montgomery County, where the greatest number of Asian-Americans is in Census Tract 7006.07 in North Potomac.

Census Tract 7006.07:

Near Prince George's County's border with Montgomery County, Census Tract 8056.01 has the highest concentration of Hispanics in Maryland.

Census Tract 8056.01:

Grantsville's Census Tract 2 in Garrett County posts the highest percentage of white residents in Maryland.

Census Tract 2:

Census Tract 1703 in Baltimore has the highest black population in the state.

Census Tract 1703:

Booming growth in North Crofton has made Census Tract 7022.02 the largest in the state, and the fastest growing. 

Census Tract 7022.02:

Although there were a number of deserted census tracts in Maryland for the 2000  census, the two homeless people living in Tract 4522 made it the smallest occupied tract in the state.

Census Tract 4522:

SOURCE: Census 2000, U.S. Census Bureau


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