Interactive Quiz: The Nuts and Bolts of the Census Process

By Daniela Feldman
Maryland Newsline
April 22, 2010



1. U.S. Census takers will hand deliver how many questionnaires this year to rural and remote areas?

5 million
13.5 million
30 million
100 million

2. U.S. Census forms are available in how many languages?
One: English
Two: English and Spanish
Three: English, Spanish and Chinese
Six: English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian and Vietnamese

3. What Census information collected from Americans is disclosed to officials?
Telephone numbers
None of the above

4. What is the penalty for unlawful disclosure of any private information collected by the Census?
Imprisonment of up to five years
A fine of up to $250,000
There is no penalty.

5. What is the projected number of housing units that will fail to respond to the Census by mail?
15 million
25 million
47.8 million
85.2 million

6. How many workers have been recruited to work for Census operations nationwide?
1 million
3.8 million
7 million

7. When was the first U.S. census taken?

8. Enumerators, or census takers, must have what qualifications for the job?
Pass a background check
Take a written test of basic skills
Have a valid driver’s license and Social Security number
All of the above


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