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A Festival in the Sky   

Photo by Jackie Strause

The 41st Annual Smithsonian Kite Festival on the grounds of the Washington Monument March 31 offered kite displays and demonstrations, as well as competitions for hundreds of fliers: a handmade kite competition, a traditional Rokkaku kite battle and the third annual Smithsonian Hot Tricks competition, which rewarded kite acrobatics.

The temperature was in the upper 60s, the sky was blue, and the winds were constant, which helped the kites soar.

Awards were given in more than 36 categories; top prizes were also given.

Erica Nguyen, 12, of Arlington, Va., who came to the festival for the fun of it, displays the kite she made with best friend Ilana Brody, 11.

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Photos and text by Newsline's Jacqueline Strause

 Published April 20, 2007


Copyright 2007 University of Maryland Philip Merrill College of Journalism

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