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  Sea Art in Charm City 

Offisher Finly

"Looks good," says Larry Robinson, who sells The Baltimore Sun newspapers at a corner of East Fayette. He's talking about "Offisher Finly." 

The fish, which was on duty outside the Baltimore City Police Headquarters, "is alright," Robinson adds.

"At first, I wanted to make it an official fish, and have it be Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley," says Noelle Zeltzman, the fish's designer. "Then I thought a police officer would be cuter."

It helped that her son-in-law is a police officer. "He went to the used cop store" and got the props used to decorate the fish, Zeltzman says. 

Offisher Finly sports a vest, hat and baton.

It was a hit with the police department. 

"The police commissioner [Edward Norris] came to my house with a hat and some pins for [the fish's] lapel that said 'central district,' " Zeltzman says. 

But at one point, Offisher Finly needed protection, after parts of it were stolen. 

"They stole his gun, handcuffs and his pins," says Zeltzman. "Then they put him on closed-circuit television"--to make sure it didn't happen again.


Photos and text by Kim Harris

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