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    Mural Fever: Public Art In the D.C. Area

Mural at Berwyn Rd. and Baltimore Ave. in Berwyn Heights, Md.

This real-life taxicab passing in front of a mural in Berwyn Heights, Md., looks as if it's about to get smashed by a steam locomotive. But the locomotive, representative of the many that used to travel through Prince George's County, is harmless. It's a key piece of "Berwyn," completed in February 2000 in homage to the old Berwyn railroad station that used to be located at Berwyn Road and Potomac Avenue - not too far from the mural. 

The City of College Park kicked in $4,000 to have the mural painted on the side of Yates Auto Parts, at Baltimore Avenue and Berwyn Road. The Berwyn Arts Exchange and members of the Berwyn District Civic Association also helped fund the mural, which beautifies an otherwise blank wall. 

Artist Daniel Kennedy, along with six art students from Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt, painted the mural. The project helped unify the community, says Sandra Tyler, a member of the Berwyn Arts Exchange.  

"It was a total community effort," Tyler says. "More than half of the donations came from residents." 



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