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How Well Do You Know Your D.C.-area Universities?

By Taashi Rowe
Maryland Newsline
Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2002

1.  Gallaudet University did what in the 20th century?

originated the football huddle after coaches realized that other teams were reading their signed messages and intercepting their plays.
originated the butterfly dance craze.
started the "we will rock you" cheer.
invented the telephone.

2.  What is the national university of the Catholic Church?

Catholic University of America
Columbia Union College
Trinity College
Georgetown University

3. Which bit of folk lure or history is not associated with the University of Maryland's mascot, Testudo?

Rubbing Testudo's nose will bring good luck.
The original Testudo is believed to have been a female.
The bronze Testudo statue was once captured by rowdy students from Johns Hopkins and buried in the woods.
The bronze Testudo statue was once dumped in the Chesapeake Bay by a group of midshipmen from the U.S. Naval Academy.

4.  Who did not graduate from Howard University?

Actor and dancer Debbie Allen
Hip-hop mogul Sean "P. Diddy" Combs
Author Toni Morrison
Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall

5.  Which of the following courses is not offered at the U.S. Naval Academy?

small arms training
seamanship and navigation
arm wrestling
tactics and weapons

6.  Which of the following is the only public university in the District of Columbia?

George Washington University
Columbia Union College
University of the District of Columbia
Howard University

7. Which school started in 1821 with the name the “Columbian College”?

University of the District of Columbia
George Washington University
Trinity University
Columbia Union College

8. The Georgetown mascot's name, the Hoya, came from the Greek and Latin phrase "Hoya Saxa." This translates to:

"What rocks!"                                                                                "Always faithful"
"I'm wishing on a star."
"It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to."

9. What much-anticipated match does St. John's College have each spring against the U.S. Naval Academy?


10.  Which of the following is a former name of the University of Maryland College Park?

Morrill Land Grant College
Maryland Agricultural College
Maryland Terrapin School
University of Maryland University College

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