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Are You Ready to Reach the Beach?

By Maha Ezzeddine
Maryland Newsline
Tuesday, April 23, 2002

1. The "Ocean Bowl" in Ocean City is the name of 

A shallow lagoon that is home to horseshoe crabs and sea worms.
A 17,000-square-foot skateboard park.
A family-owned store that sells ceramic bowls.
A boardwalk restaurant that specializes in seafood soups.

2. It is best to cook fresh seafood

Within two days of purchase.
Within a week of purchase. 
Under the supervision of a marine biologist.
After freezing it for a week, to make sure it is really dead.

3. Most of the proceeds from the annual wild pony swim and auction on Chincoteague Island go to

The National Park Service.
State agencies maintaining the island's natural environment.
The ponies.
The local fire department.

4. A "peeler" is

A young dolphin.
A type of seabird that skims the water, searching for food.
A crab that is about to shed its shell.
Someone who's been in the sun way too long.

5. From Washington, D.C., Rehoboth Beach, Del., "the nation's summer capital," is about

A one-hour drive.
A three-hour drive.
A five-hour drive.
A 10-hour drive.

6. Some tourists visiting the Eastern Shore catch their own crabs by

Grabbing a few when fishermen are busy tying their boats. 
Dangling their feet in the water. 
Renting a crabber's traps.
Fishing with a piece of string tied to a chicken neck.

7. Bethany Beach, Del., is known as

A home to bustling oceanfront malls.
One of the Quiet Resorts.
A polluted seashore.
A rare wildlife retreat. 

8. During the ride to the Eastern Shore, kids crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge can ask toll collectors for

A game.
A toll exemption.
A Pokemon.

9. Callinectes sapidus, the scientific name of the Maryland Blue Crab, means

"Ocean spider."
"Blue ground feeder of the ocean."
"Spiky treat."
"Beautiful swimmer that is savory."

10. Which is not one of the Maryland Transportation Authority's recommendations for travelers to the beach?

Fill up on gas before you get to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.
Travel during off-peak hours.
Call to be towed or driven across the bridge if you're too scared to drive.
Have fun.


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