By Rachael DeNale
Maryland Newsline
Thursday, Dec.10, 2009

1. How deep is the deepest part of the Chesapeake Bay?

87 feet deep
103 feet deep
139 feet deep
174 feet deep

2. How many miles of shoreline does the Chesapeake Bay have?

5,300 miles
8,700 miles
9,500 miles
11,600 miles

3. How large is the Chesapeake Bay watershed?

48,750 square miles
51,529 square miles
64,299 square miles
73, 472 square miles

4. Ninety percent of the Chesapeake Bay's fresh water comes from 10 major water systems. Which one provides 50 percent of the fresh water?

Susquehanna River
Potomac River
Nanticoke River
James River

5. Which island, located in the Chesapeake Bay, is Maryland's only inhabited off-shore island?

Bloodsworth Island
Smith Island
Sharps Island
South Marsh Island

6. What is the full name of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge?

William Pinkney Whyte Bay Bridge
John Walter Smith Memorial Bay Bridge
William Preston Lane, Jr. Memorial Bay Bridge
J. Millard Tawes Bay Bridge

7. Invasive species are animals and plants that are not native to their current habitat and have a negative effect on the ecosystem they invade. How many known or possible invasive species cause serious problems in the Chesapeake Bay region?


8. What are methods for harvesting oysters?

Tonging and dredging
Cawing and grabbing
Raking and scraping
Racking and holding

9. How many blue crabs live in the Chesapeake Bay?

405 million
418 million
464 million
487 million

10. What were the annual recreational boating expenditures in 2007 in Maryland?

$5.8 million
$8.4 million
$9.7 million
$1.8 billion

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