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Beyond Stereotypes: The Truth About Homelessness

By Raechal Leone
Maryland Newsline
Friday, Nov. 16, 2007

1.  Most homeless people live __________.

on the street
with friends or family
in shelters or hotels
in a combination of places

2.  When they have a health problem, homeless people are most likely to __________.

go to their local pharmacy and seek advice from a pharmacist
ignore the problem
go to the doctor’s office
go to the emergency room, even if the problem is small

3.  The majority of homeless people on the street are men. Is the same true in shelters? Of the 25,150 adults Maryland shelters served in FY2006, __________ were women.

30 percent
40 percent
50 percent
60 percent

4.  Most of the homeless people sheltered in Maryland in FY2006 were of __________ ethnicity.

African American

5.  Most of the homeless people Maryland sheltered in FY2006 were __________.

children or teens
middle-aged people
elderly people

6.  The National Alliance to End Homelessness says 480,654 veterans lived in Maryland in 2005. __________ percent of them were homeless.

0.064 percent
0.64 percent
6.4 percent
64 percent

7.  Homeless people always have some place to stay, right? Wrong. According to the state, Maryland shelters turned away __________ people in the fiscal year that ended in 2006.


8.  Despite the numerous organizations dedicated to helping them, homeless people in Baltimore City will find __________ at shelters than they did in 2004.

more beds of a smaller size
more beds overall
fewer beds overall
the same number of beds

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