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Understanding the Uninsured: An Interactive Quiz

By Melanie Lo
Maryland Newsline
Tuesday, April 26, 2005

1. With the rapidly rising cost of health care, it is estimated that by 2006 the average American family's health insurance premium could exceed:


2. About how many Americans had no health insurance in 2002?

12 million
24 million
44 million
60 million

3. Marylanders from which group are least likely to have health insurance?

Black non-Hispanic
Hispanic and Latino Americans
Asian Americans
White non-Hispanic

4. In 2003, what estimated percentage of Marylanders went without health insurance?

7 percent
10 percent
15 percent
24 percent

5. In Prince George's County in 2002, how many people were without health insurance?


6. What percentage of uninsured households in Maryland have at least one full-time worker?

71 percent
51 percent
35 percent
12 percent

7. What is Casa de Maryland?

A grassroots organization that sponsors a free clinic that provides free health care to immigrants without health insurance
A homeless shelter for Hispanics and Latino Americans
A sports arena for soccer
A Mexican-American restaurant in Silver Spring

8. Of the approximately 223,000 children in Maryland without health insurance, what portion is eligible for Medicaid?


9. What is the major reason the uninsured give for not having coverage?

Their employers do not provide coverage.
They feel they “don’t need” or “don’t want” health insurance.
They believe health insurance is too expensive.
They have difficulty choosing the right health insurance plan.


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