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Test Your Knowledge of Md. Health Care Legislation

By Mike Santa Rita
Maryland Newsline
Wednesday, April 13, 2005

1. A bill that passed the Maryland Legislature this session forces large employers in Maryland to allot 8 percent of their payroll to employee health insurance. Which union did a study that recommended the 8 percent figure?

Service Employees International Union
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

2. This act requires companies with upward of how many employees to allot at least 8 percent of their payroll to employee health insurance?


3. Which company was targeted by this act?

The Gap

4. A discount pharmacy bill passed by the Legislature in 2005 skims how much off the price of prescription drugs for those who qualify?

15 percent
10 percent
22 percent
33 percent

5. Which state senator was the sole sponsor of a universal health care bill that would have entitled all Marylanders to health coverage?

Sen. Gloriah Lawlah
Sen. Leo Green
Sen. Paul Pinsky
Sen. Ida Ruben

6. David Kahn, a legislative aide to the senator sponsoring the universal health care bill, said which of the following statements about it?

"Next year, it's a sure thing."
"Frankly, it never gets anywhere."
"With a little tweaking, it should pass"
"Support for the bill is split down partisan lines."

7. Which delegate introduced a bill in 2005 to penalize those who can afford health insurance but choose not to pay for it?

Del. Charles Barkley
Del. Donald Elliott
Del. Joanne Benson
Del. Darryl Kelley

8. A bill that would set up funding for importing cheaper prescription drugs from Canada was passed in the 2005 legislative session. True or False?



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