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The Daily Routine
Every week we'll be posting original work from our staff and packaging stories from the other three news bureaus run by the college.

Students taking JOUR 355 and JOUR 655 will be given alternating responsibility for updating one to two sections and/or the home page each week:

Students taking JOUR 353 will focus more on their own multimedia and interactive reporting, but may also be asked to occasionally help with updating.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we'll talk early in the day about story, link, photo, graphic and video choices for the home page and other sections. On Fridays, I'll spend some time one-on-one with students taking JOUR 353, to discuss story assignments.

I'll be helping all students with basic PhotoShop -- sizing and cropping pictures -- and with using Dreamweaver when working with pages, tables and charts.

I'll also try to help you with other tools and software in the lab--and occasionally bring in guests to give us additional tips and advice on photos, audio and video. Our first two guests are scheduled: Associate Professor Mike Williams, a former photojournalist, will give a digital photography tutorial on Friday, Feb. 8; Lecturer Sue Kopen Katcef, who has worked professionally in radio and TV, will lead a session on collecting and editing digital audio on Friday, Feb. 15.

Most importantly, I'll be helping you to make sense of your stories--the reporting, writing and editing of them -- and will help you to determine the best format for telling your narratives.

ONE KEY POINT: No one but me should be saving stories, section fronts or the home page onto the L drive--which publishes our pages live onto the Web. You will normally work on stories in the H drive, and copy them to X when you're ready for me to edit them. 

You may, however, move photos and graphics and audio clips onto the L drive, after you've cropped and sized or otherwise edited them.

And you may move video clips to the V drive, the live streaming video server.

I'll elaborate on this and explain our publishing system during the early days of the bureau.

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