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Election Day Looms for Deadlocked Gubernatorial Candidates (Nov. 1, 2002)

Ehrlich, Townsend Appeal for Support in Campaign's Last Days (Oct. 29, 2002)

Townsend, Ehrlich Running in Photo Finish (Oct. 22, 2002)

Clinton Headlines Townsend Rally (Oct. 18, 2002)

Ehrlich Calls for New Juvenile Justice Department (Oct. 9, 2002)

Bush Brings Cash, Clap on the Back for Ehrlich (Oct. 2, 2002)

Howard County Delegate Gets Automatic Win, But Still Campaigning Hard (Sept. 27, 2002)

Ehrlich, Townsend Camps Split on Who Won Debate (Sept. 27, 2002)

Gender Is No Issue for Townsend (Sept. 27, 2002)

Ehrlich, Staff Deny Contacting African-American Democrat (Sept. 13, 2002)

As GOP Beats Drum for Ehrlich, Pierpont Keeps Marching to His Own Drummer (April 24, 2002)

Townsend Trots Out Campaign-Style Speech, Will Announce Run For Governor May 5 (April 11, 2002)

Ehrlich Camp Getting Ready to Run' a Gubernatorial Race, Aides Say (Jan. 18, 2002)


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Stars Unlikely to Align for Unidentified Candidate Running on UFO Platform (Nov. 1, 2002)

With 2nd District Race a Toss-Up, Swing Voters Could Make Final Difference (Oct. 25, 2002)

Wynn Looks Past Perennial 4th District Challenger, Helps Out Other Campaigns (Oct. 25, 2002)

Old Rules Are Gone in New 8th District, as Morella, Van Hollen Battle it Out (Oct. 25, 2002)

GOP Challenger Campaigning Hard in 5th District Bid to Unseat Confident Hoyer (Oct. 25, 2002)

7th District Republican Says He's Up for the Challenge of Entrenched Cummings (Oct. 23, 2002)

1st District Candidates Spend Little Money, Less Energy on Low-Key Campaign (Oct. 22, 2002)

Polls Show Nationally Watched 8th, 2nd District Races Still Too Close to Call (Oct. 22, 2002)

DeArmon Optimistic in Rematch With Bartlett; Others Expect Repeat of 2000 (Oct. 18, 2002)

Route to 2nd District Seat Turns to Low Road, As Negative Ads Begin (Oct. 18, 2002)

Ruppersberger, Townsend Have Little Use for Each Other on Campaign Trail (Oct. 4, 2002)

In Tight 8th District, Endorsements Are Valued Even if They're Not on a Check (Oct. 2, 2002)

Front-Line Volunteers in 8th District Battle Finding it Hard to Switch Sides (Sept. 13, 2002)

Democratic Opponents Pledge Allegiance to Van Hollen After Bruising 8th District Primary (Sept. 13, 2002)

4th District GOP Primary Too Close to Call; General Election is Another Matter (Sept. 11, 2002)

The Road To Washington Leads Newcomer Through Three Congressional Districts (Sept. 6, 2002)

2nd District Democrats Slug It Out as Primary Ends (Sept. 6, 2002)

8th District Race Draws to Costly Close (Sept. 6, 2002)

Gilchrest Takes No Chances in 1st District Bid (Sept. 6, 2002)

Bentley, Running Hard for Congress, Displays Her Fighting Form (Aug. 22, 2002)

Ahead in His Own Race, Hoyer Campaigns Hard for Fellow Democrats (Aug. 21, 2002)

Republican Counts on Reshuffled 3rd District, Not Money, to Challenge Cardin (Aug. 21, 2002)

Wynn Heavily Favored, Despite Newly Drawn and More Conservative District (Aug. 20, 2002)

Boundaries Have Changed, But Faces Remain the Same in 6th District Race (Aug. 20, 2002)

Flowers Power Cummings Campaign, Which Takes Grassroots Organizing Literally (Aug. 16, 2002)

Money Isn't Everything in 1st District Race (Aug. 16, 2002)

Second District: Low-Cost Campaign Meets High-Priced Challengers (Aug. 15, 2002)

8th District Fundraising Is Tops in Nation (Aug. 15, 2002)

Congressional Challengers Raise Big Money But Still Trail Incumbents (Aug. 14, 2002)

Shriver Leads 8th District Fund-Raising Race With Twice Morella's Cache (April 16, 2002)

Most Maryland House Members Back Campaign Reform Bill Aimed at 'Soft Money' (Feb. 14, 2002)

8th District Candidates Banked $2.6 Million for Closely Watched Fall Race (Feb. 1, 2002)

Democrats Give Themselves the Edge in New Congressional District Map (Jan. 24, 2002)


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It's Not a Typo: Two Generations of One Family Run for Three Offices in Southern Maryland (Nov. 1, 2002)

Montgomery County Senate Race Features Party-Switchers (Nov. 1, 2002)

Republicans Hope to Ride Ehrlich Coattails to State House Victories (Nov. 1, 2002)

State Refuses Republican Absentee Ballot Application (Oct. 29, 2002)

Maryland Officials Say State Is Ahead of the Curve on Federal Election Reforms (Oct. 29, 2002)

Decision-Making Authority At Stake in Ballot Questions (Oct. 25, 2002)

Mooney's Money Comes Pouring in From Out-of-State Sources (Oct. 25, 2002)

With Sniper on the Loose, Politicians, Volunteers Limit Outdoor Campaigning (Oct. 9, 2002)

Ruppersberger, Townsend Have Little Use for Each Other on Campaign Trail (Oct. 4, 2002)

Green Party Candidates Pin Ballot Hopes on Last-Minute Court Intervention (Oct. 4, 2002)

Bromwell Bends Election Law to Donate $100,000 to Slates (Sept. 18, 2002)

ICC Opponents Paved Over in Primary (Sept. 13, 2002)

Primaries, Other Losses, Bring Newcomers to Assembly (Sept. 11, 2002)

As if Losing Wasn't Bad Enough: Candidates Often Stuck With Campaign Bill (Aug. 16, 2002)

Despite Concerns, Officials and Voters Seem Pleased With New Voting Machines (Aug. 13, 2002)

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Schaefer Gets Needed Hug in Comptroller's Race (Sept. 6, 2002)             


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Published 05/17/02; last updated: 11/05/02 03:11 PM

Special report produced by Kenny Beck and updated by Reginald Hart; edited by Chris Harvey (Web) and Steve Crane and Adrianne Flynn (print). Banner graphics by Kenny Beck.

Copyright 2002 University of Maryland College of Journalism. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.



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