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Test Your Knowledge of the Md. Races for Governor and Lieutenant Governor

By Kenny Beck
Maryland Newsline
Thursday, May 9, 2002

1. Which one of the following people is NOT running for governor in 2002?

Parris Glendening
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend
Spear Lancaster
Robert Ehrlich

2. Which gubernatorial candidate lettered in football and track while attending Johns Hopkins University? 

Ross Pierpont
Scott Conwell
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend
Sidney Burns

3. Which gubernatorial candidate is a retired surgeon? 

Phil Greenfield 
Ralph Jaffe 
Ross Pierpont
Ben Carson

4. The name of this Libertarian candidate for lieutenant governor sounds the same as a Grammy-winning musician: 

Whitney Houston
Lauren Hill
Lisa Lopes
Natalie Cole

5. Who was the first to officially file his candidacy for governor?

Ross Pierpont
Parris Glendening
Spear Lancaster
James T. Lynch Jr. 

6. Which candidate for governor received a national service award from former President Clinton?

Ralph Jaffe
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend
Scott Conwell
Phil Greenfield

7. What does Ross Pierpont consider himself to be?

An opponent of universal, tax-deductible health care coverage
Against health care reform
A compassionate conservative regarding health care
Ricky Martin's biggest fan

8. Robert Ehrlich has already criticized the ads that _______ used in a previous election that focused on ________.

James T. Lynch; abortion rights
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend; racial issues
Scott Conwell; funding for public schools
Ralph Jaffe; giraffes

9. The primary election filing deadline for major-party candidates is_______, while the deadline for third-party and independent candidates to file nominating petitions for the general election is_______.   

July 1; Aug. 5
Aug. 5; July 1
The deadline for both is July 1.
The deadline for both is Aug. 5.

10. The primary election will be held on:

Sept. 10
Sept. 3
Sept. 17
Sept. 31


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Published 05/09/02; last updated: 11/01/02 12:11 PM

Special report and banner graphics produced by Kenny Beck. Edited by Chris Harvey (Web) and Steve Crane and Adrianne Flynn (CNS print stories).

Copyright 2002 University of Maryland College of Journalism. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.


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