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Nader Questions Maryland's Direction on Malpractice Reform (Oct. 19, 2004)

Cheering Democrats Greet Edwards at Annapolis Rally (Oct. 15, 2004)

New Poll Shows Kerry Ahead of Bush by 10 Points in Maryland (Oct. 7, 2004)

Nader to Campaign in Maryland After Court Victory on Ballot Access (Sept. 21, 2004)

Maryland Judge Upholds Election Board Decision to Keep Nader Off Ballot (Sept. 14, 2004)

Steele Stars for Maryland in Prime-time GOP Speech (Aug. 31, 2004)

Md.'s Oldest Delegate Formed Political Views in War (Aug. 31, 2004)

Md. Republicans Predict Bush Will Carry State (Aug. 30, 2004)

Gay Republicans Press for Tolerance at Convention (Aug. 30, 2004)

Delegates' Ethnicities Don't Match State's (Aug. 24, 2004)

Local Lawyer Hopes Constitutional 'Counterrevolution' Lands Him in White House (March 31, 2004)

video graphic Kerry Fires Criticism at Bush, Sets Sights Past Super Tuesday (March 2, 2004) (1:46 minutes)

video graphic Dean's Student Supporters Switch Over in Primaries
(March 2, 2004)
(1:02 minutes)

Kerry Takes Commanding Lead in Maryland Poll (Feb. 27, 2004)

video graphic Edwards Makes First Campaign Visit to Maryland With Promises of Jobs (Feb. 20, 2004) (1:47 minutes)

Democratic Primary Heat Could Push Maryland Out of Super Tuesday Shadow (Feb. 20, 2004)

Dean Backers in Maryland Disappointed, But Not Dispirited
Feb. 18, 2004)

How Do Presidential Candidates Measure Up? (Feb. 10, 2004)

As Primary Season Gears Up, Maryland Candidates Still Shopping for a Candidate (Jan. 23, 2004)

U.S. Senate

video graphic Mikulski, Pipkin Spar in First Televised Debate  (Oct. 19, 2004) (2 minutes 8 seconds)

Challengers in Crowded Senate Field Say GOP Has Become a Party of One  (Feb. 25, 2004)

Favored Mikulski Officially Begins Re-Election Bid (Jan. 16, 2004)

U.S. House

Internet Name-Switching Tactic Is Back in 8th District Race (Oct. 8, 2004)

Congressional Campaigns Take Fights Online, But Is Anyone Logging On? (Oct. 8, 2004) With Chart

Wynn Reaches Out to New Constitutents; Few Reach Back with Campaign Funds (April 16, 2004)

If Money Talks, Message in Maryland Politics Is Clear: Vote on the Incumbents (April 16, 2004)

If You Can't Beat 'Em -- After Four Tries -- Join 'Em: Kimble Endorses Wynn (March 19, 2004)

Judge Says First Amendment Trumps Ficker's Claim on Campaign Web Site Name (Feb. 26, 2004)

GOP Hopefuls Campaigning Hard in 5th District, Despite Long Odds (Feb. 26, 2004)

4th District GOP Primary Unpredictable, General Election a Different Story (Feb. 26, 2004)

First District Race Full of Sound and Fury, But Does It Mean Anything to Voters? (Feb. 20, 2004)

Republicans in Democratic-Leaning 2nd District Undaunted by Long Odds (Feb. 20, 2004)

Politics Make Strange Bedfellows, Even Stranger Congressional Boundaries (Feb. 20, 2004)

Ficker Files Suit to Reclaim Name From Web Site in Campaign Dust-Up (Feb. 20, 2004)

Courts Rebuff Perennial Candidate's Request to Delay Primary Election (Feb. 19, 2004)

6th District GOP Primary Features Two Nice Guys; One Will Finish Last (Feb. 13, 2004)

In 6th District Run, Campaigns Hard Right (Feb. 13, 2004)

Candidate Bios

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Maryland Could See Record Number of Registered Voters (Oct. 7, 2004)

Diebold Accuses Critics of Monkey Business in Latest Vote-Tampering Stunt (Sept. 22, 2004)

High Court Tosses Complaints Against Touch-Screen Voting Machines (Sept. 14, 2004)

State Elections Chief Removed, Fights Decision in Court (Sept. 3, 2004)

Voters Take Case to Stop Electronic Voting Machines to Highest Court (Sept. 3, 2004)

Group Suing State to Block Electronic Voting Machines (April 22, 2004)

If Money Talks, Message in Maryland Politics Is Clear: Bet on the Incumbent (April 16, 2004)

Hispanic Voting Bloc Grows, But Lacks Common Agenda (April 16, 2004)

video graphic Seniors Flock to Booths on Super Tuesday for Various Causes (March 2, 2004) (1:46 minutes)

video graphic Low Student Turnout Expected for Primaries
(March 2, 2004)
(0:39 minutes)

video graphic Positive Response From First-Time Electronic Voters
(March 2, 2004)
(0:34 minutes)

Selecting Delegates is Sometimes One-Man, One Vote, Always One Headache (Feb. 27, 2004)

Felons Appeal to Lawmakers for Improved Voting Rights
(Feb. 19, 2004)

video graphic Cities Help Noncitizens Vote on Local Issues (Feb. 10, 2004) (2:09 minutes)

Lawmakers Consider Plugging Voting Machine Holes With Paper Ballots (Feb. 10, 2004)

New Voting Machines Showcased at Voter Outreach (Feb. 6, 2004)

Maryland Leads Nation Into Uncharted Territory With Touch-Screen Voting (Jan. 23, 2004)

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Published Feb. 6, 2004; last updated: Nov. 9, 2004

Special report produced in winter 2004 by Jessica Shyu and Lisa Tossey; updated in fall 2004 by Jennifer Slingland; edited by Chris Harvey (Web), Steve Crane and Adrianne Flynn (print) and Dave Burns (TV). Banner graphic and navigation buttons designed by Lisa Tossey.

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