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Marylanders on the Midterm Elections


Laura Ainsfield | Newsline photo by Melissa Pachikara

Laura Ainsfield, 23,  works as a server at Red Rock Canyon Grill in downtown Silver Spring and lives in Takoma Park. Taking a smoking break on a bench outside the restaurant, Ainsfield said that her mom was encouraging her to vote Nov. 7.

My mom's a schoolteacher, and my family's very liberal. So she's like, Go make sure you go vote for all the Democrats you can, because we need more Democrats in office. So I was going to do that, but I also feel bad because of not knowing the background of things like that.

Ainsfield, a Democrat, said she hadnt been paying much attention to the elections this year and doesn't know who is running for governor or senator.

I watch John Stewart and The Colbert Report, so I know some of them by face, but I really dont pay attention, she said.

At the same time, she says that she knows whats important to her and that her party usually supports those issues. I know what I believe in, like Im for gay marriages and stem cell research and Im pro-choice and all that good stuff, she said.

Ainsfield considers herself new to the elections process.

Last presidential election was the first time I was able to vote anyway, so Im really not familiar with it, so Im still learning, she said. Im sure once I get older, like Ill know more of the topics, about like taxes. Right now I still live with my mom, so its not really a big concern to me right now.

--Melissa Pachikara


Her own words... LAURA AINSFIELD discusses her ambivalence. (18 seconds, RealPlayer file)

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 Published Nov. 7, 2006

Copyright 2006 University of Maryland College of Journalism
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