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Political Ethics Special Report Home
Political Ethics: The Law, Ethics for elected officials and lobbyists

  • This general summary of the Maryland ethics law and to whom it applies is published by the State Ethics Commission.
  • The Maryland Ethics Law also regulates lobbyists. The Study Commission on Lobbyist Ethics (created in 1999 through a joint resolution) recommended changes to this law in its November 2000 report
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  • This 2001 Maryland General Assembly Ethics Guide (intended as a guide for legislators) is in Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format.
  • You can find out more about what ethics our legislators are bound to by checking out the Maryland Legislator's Handbook. Select Volume I, Chapter 2.
  • To check out the law, search through the state statutes. Follow the link and select the article called " State Government - (gsg)." Enter section number 15-101 to start.

  • You can also find ethics advisory opinions by visiting COMAR Online and searching through Title 19A (State Ethics Commission).

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