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Top 10 Grossing Maryland Lobbyists
Salaries from Nov. 1, 1998 - Oct. 31, 1999

1.$1,043,399.90Evans, Gerard E.
2.$832,870.39Alexander, Gary R.
3.$820,587.38Rifkin, Alan M.
4.$533,814.25Stierhoff, John R.
5.$464,054.96Rasmussen, Dennis
6.$400,789.00Rozner, Joel D.
7.$387,806.00Pitcher, J. William
8.$369,698.06Johansen, Michael V.
9.$353,527.00Enten, D. Robert
10.$345,243.80Schwartz, Joseph A., III


Top 10 Maryland Lobbyist Employers
Spending by Employers on Lobbyists and Related Expenses
Nov. 1, 1998 - Oct. 31, 1999

1.$1,306,699.99Baltimore Gas & Electric Co.
2.$446,668.67Potomac Electric Power Co.
3.$339,156.00Maryland Chamber of Commerce
4.$253,546.63Maryland Retail Merchants Association
5.$248,454.00MEDCHI, The Maryland State Medical Society
6.$246,496.75Maryland State Teachers Association
7.$234,935.68Bell Atlantic-Maryland Inc.
8.$234,632.37Cable Telecommunications of Md., Del., & D.C.
10.$208,042.39Laurel Racing Association Inc.


Top 10 Targeted Maryland Political Delegations
Lobbyist Expenditures for Special Events
Nov. 1, 1998 - Oct. 31, 1999

1.$12,803.57Prince George’s County Delegation
2.$10,884.53Montgomery County Delegation
3.$5,920.73Baltimore City Delegation
4.$3,661.39Baltimore County Delegation
5.$2,659.22Western Maryland Delegation
6.$1,826.37Howard County Delegation
7.$1,698.19Eastern Shore Delegations
8.$1,688.10Baltimore County Delegation (Senate Only)
9.$1,046.40Baltimore City Delegation (House Only)
10.$900.77Baltimore City Delegation (Senate Only)

Source: State Ethics Commission
Twenty-First Annual Report: Jan. 1, 1999 - Dec. 31, 1999


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