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Gov. Martin O'Malley / Newsline photo by Diego Mantilla.

Gov. Martin O'Malley walks through a line of officers from various Maryland police departments after reviewing the inaugural parade. (Newsline photo by Diego Mantilla)

O'Malley Proposes $30 Billion State Budget

Gov. Martin O'Malley proposes spending $400 million in school construction and no new taxes.

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Published 01/19/07; Last updated: 04/30/07 10:04 AM

Special report produced by Maryland Newsline's Diego Mantilla and Hortense Barber. Edited by Chris Harvey (Web features) and Tony Barbieri (print stories).

Banner graphic by Ms. Barber. Maryland flag courtesy of ITA's Flags of All Countries. Martin O'Malley and Anthony Brown headshots are courtesy of the Maryland State Archives.

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Baltimore school teacher Lurita Johnson at an inaugural gala at the Baltimore Convention Center. / Newsline photo by Hortense Barber

Photo Essay: A Day of Celebration

Gov. Martin O'Malley and his wife on inaugural day. / Newsline photo by Diego Mantilla

Interact: Test your knowledge of inaugural history and protocol.

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