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Felony Charges Dropped for Four UMD Student Athletes Arrested in Final Four Rampage 

College Park bonfire / courtesy Terpidiots.com
About 60 fires erupted in College Park after the Final Four  game.
(Courtesy Terpidiots.com)
Prosecutors say they lacked the evidence to prove the four students from the varsity wrestling and field hockey teams started the fires with malicious intent. But the four face misdemeanor charges. 

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    Prince George's County Police released a video of the March 31 events. (Best viewed on a corporate connection) 

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Published 05/18/01; last updated: 07/13/01 04:07 PM

Special report produced by Tynisa Elizabeth Trapps; edited by Chris Harvey

Copyright 2001 University of Maryland College of Journalism. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.

Newsline Video:
(RealPlayer needed to view. Free download.)

April 6, 2001: corporate connection

April 5, 2001: corporate connection 

April 4, 2001: corporate connection 

Official Photos:

University of Maryland Police posted digital photos of participants in the College Park rampage.

The University of Maryland Athletic Department has posted photos and bios for Josh Weidman, Jeremy Duncan, Mark Mansueto, and Dawn Christensen.