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Missing Persons:

  • The Times-Picayune provides the latest news regarding clean-up and relief efforts in New Orleans. Search for missing persons, relief services and jobs in the 'Help Center.'
  • The Katrina People Finder Project has set up katrinalist.net, a database of missing persons information.

How you can help:

  • The American Red Cross provides vital links to those affected by Hurricane Katrina or who want to make a donation. Its hurricane page also provides helpful information on what to do after a hurricane warning has been issued.
  • MoveOn.org has constructed HurricaneHousing.org where residents who were left homeless by Katrina can look for temporary housing. Those wishing to offer housing can post ads as well.
  • The Maryland Emergency Management Agency provides resources for both Maryland residents looking to help and victims who've been displaced by Katrina.
  • FirstGov.org similarly provides extensive recovery information, including how to locate missing persons, where to send donations and what the government is doing in the relief effort.

Hurricane Information:


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