By Steven Mendoza
Maryland Newsline
Friday, April 24, 2009

1. Who was the first explorer to navigate the Anacostia River?

Christopher Columbus
Capt. John Smith
Meriwether Lewis
William Clark

2. What is the Anacostia's nickname?

The Little Urban River
Forgotten River
Little Potomac
Smith's River

3. The name Anacostia is derived from the American Indian word "Anaquash." What does it mean?

Little River
Village Trading Center
Many Fish
Fertile Water

4. Storm water runoff from Maryland and the District of Columbia is a contributor to the pollution in the Anacostia. What percent of the river's pollution is attributed to runoff?

30 percent
Between 75 percent and 90 percent
Between 40 percent and 50 percent
100 percent

5. The average depth of the Anacostia River is about:

10 feet
6 feet
15 feet
3 feet

6. When Capt. John Smith explored the Anacostia in the early 17th century he found a friendly American Indian tribe. What was the tribe's name?

The Apache
The Nanchotank
The Iroquois
The Seminoles

7. Today the leading sources of pollution are associated with urbanization. What was one of the first activities that led to the degradation of the river?

Leather tanning
Commercial shipping
The Civil War

8. What type of trash accounts for up to 50 percent of the refuse found in the river?

Beer bottles
Plastic bags
Soda cans

9. How many miles long is the Anacostia River?

15.2 miles
8.4 miles
4 miles
23.8 miles

10. How many people live within the Anacostia's 170 square mile watershed?

450,000 people
800,000 people
1.3 million people
2.1 million people

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