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How Much Do You Know About Homelessness in Md.?

By Hortense M. Barber
Maryland Newsline
Friday, March 9, 2007

1.  What category of people has the highest number of homeless served by shelters in Maryland?

Adult individuals

2.  Which jurisdiction has the highest number of homeless in Maryland?

Prince George's County
Montgomery County
Baltimore City
Anne Arundel County

3.  What percent of the homeless population in Maryland is 17 years old or younger?

50 percent
15 percent
70 percent
29 percent

4.  How many Montgomery County shelters are reserved only for men?


5.  What is the leading cause of homelessness in Maryland?

behavioral problems/addictions
domestic violence
mental illness

6.  How much money does the state allocate to Maryland's Office of Transitional Services each year to help provide emergency, temporary and permanent housing as well as support services to the homeless in Maryland? The office is part of the state Department of Human Resources.

$10.5 million
$5.5 million
$20.8 million
$30 million

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Banner graphic by Hortense Barber and Diego Mantilla; banner photos courtesy of Greg Sileo.

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