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John Allen Muhammad Dies in Virginia Execution Chamber

Beltway Sniper Witnesses Unable to Forget Tragedy

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"He was like a brother," says Milton Perry, friend and co-worker of shooting spree victim Conrad Johnson. Johnson, a bus driver, was killed Oct. 22, 2002, in Aspen Hill, Md. "It's going to bring some closure," Perry says of the execution. (Newsline photo by Kelly Brooks)

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Special report front published Nov. 10, 2009; updated Nov. 11 and 13, 2009 (additional slide shows)

Special report and banner graphic produced by Maryland Newsline's Lindsay Gsell, with reporting and research by Kelly Brooks, Lindsay Gsell, James B. Hale, Emily Kimball, Evan Lambert, Christopher Matthews and Jon Sham. Edited by Rafael Lorente (CNS wire stories), Chris Harvey (Web-only stories and interactives) and Sue Kopen Katcef (CNS-TV).