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(Maryland Newsline video by James K. Sanborn)

Cardin Reflects on Opportunities, Challenges for Democratic Power

U.S. Sen. Benjamin Cardin reflects on President-elect Barack Obama's November win, Democratic gains in Congress and what they could mean for Maryland.


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Published Dec. 11, 2007; Last updated: Dec. 5, 2008

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Special report produced by Maryland Newsline's Kelly Martini, David Byers, Raechal Leone and Rachel Mauro, with reporting by Carrie Dindino and calendar updates by Rachel Mauro. Reported from Washington by Capital News Service's Bobby Carmichael, Anju Khar, Dan Lamothe, Rob Tricchinelli, Danielle Ulman and Michael Walsh. Edited by Adrianne Flynn (CNS print stories) and Chris Harvey (Web stories, video, art and interactives).

Banner graphic byNewsline's Martini. Maryland flag courtesy of Open Clip Art Library Drawing Together. White House photo courtesy of Wikipedia. State house courtesy of Annapolis.gov. United States flag courtesy of Ace-Clipart.com. Secondary navigation bar graphics by Martini with clip art from Microsoft Office Online.

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