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Comptroller Peter Franchot/Newsline file photo

Comptroller Peter Franchot (Newsline file photo)

Comptroller's Office Gears Up to Collect New Taxes

Peter Franchot's office prepares to collect new taxes passed during the special session by sending out notices to businesses and extending the sales tax to certain services. Maryland is one of two states where the comptroller works as a tax collector.

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Published Oct. 26, 2007; Last updated: Dec. 4, 2007

Special report produced by Maryland Newsline's David Byers, Raechal Leone, Rachel Mauro, Arelis Hernandez and Kelly Martini. Reported from Annapolis by Capital News Service's Bernie Becker, Ronald (Rick) F. Docksai Jr., Kenneth Fletcher, Kate Prahlad and Andy Zieminski. Edited by Steve Crane (Annapolis print stories), Chris Harvey (Web stories and interactives), Cassandra Clayton and Kevin P. Swift (CNS-TV stories).

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Pie chart: The revenue slices proposed in the governor's plan.

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