Prince George's Murders

Transcript of Robert Jenkins' Interview About His Murdered Sister

Maryland Newsline
Tuesday, April 26, 2011


"She, Mae can cook. She, why, I used to love her daggone home-fried potatoes.


"Me and Mae was tighter than, I think, the rest of the family. ‘Cause me and Mae are similar. Quite a bit of similarities, right, you know, because, I used to run, too. I used to run. But, um, thank God that I’m stable, now, that I’m sitting, and I’m chilling. You know, thank God for that.


"Just thinking about it, and knowing that, you know, that somebody would do that to her, you know, I can’t get it. And I can’t even figure it out."


Full story: "Landover Woman's Murder Haunts Brother"




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