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Maryland Newsline welcomes your comments and information about mistakes that require corrections. You may e-mail Chris Harvey, editor of the Web site, at, or you may e-mail one of the other bureau director/editors listed in the staff box at right. We link from this page to recently published stories on our site that we have corrected. We will also note the correction or clarificiation on the story page. Small typos or mistakes of spelling or grammar will not be noted here, but substantive mistakes (of facts) will.

Corrected and Clarified Articles:

Not all stories published by our print arm, Capital News Service, are repackaged or enhanced on Maryland Newsline. However, you may search Capital News Service for stories it has corrected.

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Staff Box

Who's running the college's print, TV and online news bureaus:

Online Bureau Director: Chris Harvey
301-314-2696 (bureau) or 301-405-6256 (college office)

CNS Washington Bureau Director: Adrianne Flynn
Phone: 202-628-1677

CNS Annapolis Bureau Director: Rafael Lorente
Phone: 410-626-1008

CNS-TV Bureau Co-Director: Sue Kopen Katcef
Newsroom Phone: 301-405-2405