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Test Your Knowledge of Maryland's 2nd and 8th District Congressional Races

By Gloria Son
Maryland Newsline
Thursday, May 9, 2002

1. Who is the "celebrity" candidate in the 8th District race? Why?

Connie Morella -- for serving 16 years in Congress
Gary Williams -- for coaching Terps to NCAA championship 
Mark Shriver -- a member of the Kennedy clan
Janet Reno -- an ongoing character on "Saturday Night Live" 

2. What is 8th District candidate Ira S. Shapiro's background? 

corporate attorney
political science professor
former Clinton administration trade official

3. Which county encircles the 8th District?

Prince George's 
Anne Arundel 

4. Why is the 8th District such a hotbed this year? 

It has the most voters in the nation per capita.
Redistricting creates a bigger challenge for Republicans.
It's pretty and close to Washington, D.C.
It has a low crime rate, and therefore brings less work for the representative.

5. Which 8th District candidate has voiced his or her desire for more clothes with pockets?

Christopher Van Hollen Jr.
Mark Shriver
Connie Morella
Deborah Vollmer 

6. Who in the 8th District had the most money for his or her campaign as of April 15?

Mark Shriver
Connie Morella
Ira Shapiro
Christopher Van Hollen Jr.

7. Why were GOP leaders nervous about the 2nd District race?

It's not a Republican-friendly district.
Because of a "catfight" that broke out in a previous race between two of the possible candidates.
The thought of Baltimore County Executive C.A. "Dutch" Ruppersberger running in the general election.
Nothing makes them nervous.

8. Congressional redistricting has made the 2nd District:

Easier for Republicans to win
Easier for Democrats to win
Less congested

9. What will Rep. Robert L. Ehrlich do instead of serve in Congress?

Become a stay-at-home dad
Burnt out from politics, he plans to run a used bookstore in Washington, D.C.
Run for governor

10. Who is 2nd District Republican candidate James F. Ports Jr.? 

Father of six
Corporate attorney
House speaker and delegate of Baltimore City
Delegate of Baltimore County and House minority whip


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Published 05/09/02; last updated: 11/01/02 12:11 PM

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