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    Mural Fever: Public Art in the D.C. Area 

Collage Park

"Collage Park" was painted by Val Lewton in 1991 after the College Park City Council asked him to help beautify the downtown shopping district. The mural can easily be mistaken for a real building. It towers next to Ratsie's pizza parlor, near the intersection of Baltimore Avenue and Knox Road.  

Lewton, a D.C. resident, says the bottom of the mural was painted on a plywood board, similar to those used for billboards. Two 2-x-4s were attached to the top of the brick building for support. The top half of the mural extending off the building was constructed of steel. 

The mural cost $35,000 and was federally funded by a Community Development Block grant, Lewton says.

"It's a successful project," Lewton says. "It's kind of neat to see it wrapped around the side of the building, but an observer must look from different angles to view it." 

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