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Political Ethics Cartoon

(Art by John Overmyer)

Gov. Parris Glendening has signed some of the toughest reforms to Maryland's ethics law since it was enacted in 1979. They include greater regulation of lobbyists and greater disclosure of their activities. The legislation also gives the State Ethics Commission increased resources for enforcement. The reform follows a handful of ethics controversies that shook the Maryland Legislature in recent years - prompting one senator's expulsion, a delegate's resignation and two lobbyists' convictions on federal charges. This report examines the issue:

THE CONTROVERSY - Politicians and lobbyists fight accusations of wrongdoing. 
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REFORM EFFORTS - How the ethics law is changing
TOP 10 LISTS - Key lobbyists, their employers and targets
INTERACT - Learn more about political ethics
- Ethics for Maryland politicians and lobbyists

Special Report produced by Amy Silva

Published Monday, May 14, 2001; last updated May 21, 2001

Copyright 2001 University of Maryland College of Journalism

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